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Getting Started

Getting Started

Quick Setup Guide

The Quick Setup Guide is your express ticket to harnessing the power of Missio.

Getting Started

1. Login

  • New Users: Sign up by providing your email and creating a password. Follow the verification process to confirm your account.

  • Returning Users: Log in with your credentials to access your dashboard.

2. Add Team Members

  • Navigate to the Team section in your dashboard.

  • Click on Add Team Member and enter their email addresses. Assign roles based on their responsibilities within your organization.

  • Team members will receive an invitation to join your Missio.ai account.

3. Setup Integrations

Missio.ai supports integration with various community platforms including Discord, Slack, and more, to consolidate your support channels into a single inbox.

Adding Discord:

  • Go to the Integrations page and select Add Integration.

  • Choose Discord from the list of available platforms.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to authorize Missio.ai to access your Discord server.

Adding Slack:

  • Within the Integrations section, click Add Integration.

  • Select Slack and authorize Missio.ai by following the provided steps.

For detailed steps on integrating other platforms, refer to our Integration Setup Guide.

4. Add Notifications for Your Team

Ensure your team stays updated with real-time notifications across different channels.

Slack Notifications:

  • In the Notifications settings, link your Slack workspace.

  • Choose the channels or direct messages where notifications should be sent.

Discord Notifications:

  • Connect your Discord server in the Notifications settings.

  • Select the channels for receiving notifications.

Email Notifications:

  • Configure email notifications by adding team members' email addresses in the Notifications settings.

Next Steps

After completing these initial steps, explore the full capabilities of Missio.ai by:

  • Creating automated workflows to efficiently handle inquiries and support tickets.

  • Utilizing analytics to monitor engagement and measure support ROI.

  • Personalizing your setup with custom plugins, extensions, and more.

Need Help?

If you encounter any issues or have questions, our support team is here to assist. You can also join our vibrant community forums for additional support and discussions.


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