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Introducing Missio - AI Powered Insights for Communities

Introducing Missio - AI Powered Insights for Communities

Last week, we were thrilled to unveil and open the waitlist for Missio to help communities build a collective vision from scattered feedback and noise. We’re taking a fundamentally different approach to helping communities. Rather than retroactive dashboards, Missio focuses on what you can do looking forward. Let’s explore some of the challenges community managers face and how Missio meets them head-on.

In today’s world, communities are blindfolded, navigating a landscape of scattered voices and fragmented interactions. Each online platform offers a piece of the puzzle, but never the complete picture. 55% of the community professionals report that it's difficult to consistently engage members and 44% face challenges when it comes to quantifying the value of online communities. This further shows the degree of difficulty communities face when managing and engaging their members. One of the major challenges lies in synthesizing these scattered data fragments and transforming them into actionable insights. Current approaches fall short of providing the comprehensive perspective needed to make informed decisions. Communities face the daunting task of navigating this maze with limited visibility and fragmented insights.

Missio's Vision and Mission

Missio is more than consolidation. It's about delivering actionable insights and empowering communities to navigate the complex terrain with confidence. About 30% of communities use around 5 tools in their tech stack, yet there are signs they still aren’t getting what they need. Missio recognizes these gaps and transforms them into opportunities. Our mission encompasses more than addressing challenges; it's about creating a new standard where insights and engagement intertwine seamlessly.

More than 59% of organizations rely on online communities for their market research. These online communities contain insights that are more than informative; they're transformational, guiding strategic decisions backed by an understanding of the community's dynamics. Yet, only 36% of online communities use a tool for community/automation. Additionally, 42% of community pros say their organization’s CRM doesn’t connect the community and their customer data. Missio aims to centralized this information onto one platform creating quick and easy access to community managers. What’s more, Missio offers actionable recommendations that empower those communities to drive engagement strategically.

Imagine you are a dedicated community manager, responsible for nurturing a thriving tech enthusiasts' forum. Lately, you've noticed a concerning trend - a gradual increase in member churn, where active participants are becoming less engaged. It's become clear that this is causing a decline in valuable knowledge sharing within the community.

Missio's advanced analytics detect the patterns, pinpointing the areas where member engagement is dropping. Upon closer examination, you discover that experienced members, who used to provide valuable insights and guidance, are leaving the community due to a lack of engagement and interaction.

Missio not only identifies the issue but also provides actionable solutions tailored to your community's unique dynamics. It suggests creating specialized discussion threads and events to re-engage these experienced members. Additionally, it recommends improving communication channels to ensure their voices are heard.

As you put these solutions into action, you monitor Missio's real-time data. It becomes clear that the implemented changes are making a positive impact. The experienced members begin to return, actively participating in discussions and sharing their knowledge once again. Missio's analytics illustrate how these solutions have caused a sharp drop-off in churn among the group, demonstrating the direct correlation between your actions and the community's health.

This is where Missio's true power lies - not just in identifying problems but in offering effective solutions empowering you, the community manager. With Missio, it's no longer about just managing a community; rather it's about steering its evolution, fueled by the insights and recommendations that Missio delivers.

A Transformed Future and Embracing the Community Revolution

Missio's impact extends beyond the present. It shapes the future of community management. It's a journey of co-creation, where leaders in a community are empowered to innovate and thrive with unwavering clarity. Missio is a catalyst for progress in online communities. 88% of professionals report communities play a critical role in achieving their company’s mission, and 64% admit that online communities have helped them improve business decision-making. Further emphasizing the importance of these roles, along with the tools they use, in driving community vitality.

Charting a New Path in Community Management

In a space where adaptation and evolution are critical, Missio serves as the guiding hand, ensuring communities remain vibrant, engaging, and in tune with their members' needs. By pinpointing areas of growth and potential pitfalls, it equips managers with the knowledge to act decisively and confidently.

As we open the waitlist and continue building what will be the analytics tool of choice for communities, we could not be more excited for what’s to come. We hope you join us on this journey, and we can’t wait to transform your community.

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